Digital Displays

Digital menu boards are great way to move customers quickly through the line. If your a sandwich shop, Chinese restaurant, pizza parlor, burger joint, taco bar, or anything with a walk up order and pickup process, digital menu boards would be great for you.

You can easily update the graphics, food pricing and show your menu in an attractive,  large and bright legible format. People can find what they are looking for quickly, order quickly with this turn key solution. We have developed our own remote computer system that allows us to update content from anywhere in the world.

Menu Boards

Maybe your restaurant doesn’t require menus but you need one at the counter for people to order from. We can create and install digital menu boards or printed menu boards. The benefit in a digital menu board it is you can update your pricing and menu items rather quickly and easily.

We have a developed computer system that will run various time shifts for breakfast lunch and dinner menus or you can have a stagnant menu with rotating video clips as filler. However dynamic you want to get with your digital menu boards we’ve got you covered.