About Us

For 20 years I’ve run a successful five star rated advertising agency and constantly saw the need for specializing in different areas of our expertise. Restaurants Resource came about due to having so many customers in the restaurant industry.

We realize there was a need for what we did and that we were very good at it. We essentially became a one-stop solution for restaurant clients who were opening or renovating or updating the look of their brand. It also felt good to being able to help restaurants to succeed in a business that is very hard to break into as well as costly.

As a one source solution for all that a restaurant owner could possibly need we make the decision easy on you to be successful and work with a company that knows how to make you successful. I attributed our expertise to the amazing team we have to support our restaurant clients.


Meet Our Team

Paul Perdue

Owner / CEO

Monica Perdue

Web Development

Matt Schwartz

Web Development

Lorena Braziunas

Lead Graphic Designer

Kay Hake

Executive Assistant

Josh Baxter


Eden Su

Production Assistant

AJ Sisca

Production Manager